jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

sad sad swallow searching for directions

A graveyard grows inside my head.

They planted things inside me.

I am soiled by the stale thoughts of long dead.

I was told to leave childish things behind.

2+2, ABC?

Death of dreams spreading disease in my mind.

Grey, everything I see.

Grey, Everything around me.

Open your eyes and ears little one.

The access must be free.

Injected and poisoned by information.

The blood of life turning to water.

Drowning the spark, the real me.

Choking the outside, the pressure inside,

set me free.

Grey, everything I see.

Grey, Everything around me.

Dead, still young,

learn from hurt.

Silent tongue,

burning word.

Dead, still young,

-See evil.

learn from hurt.

-Hear evil.

Silent tongue.

-Speak evil.

Burning word.

-Inside me.

Grey, everything I see.

Grey, everything around me.

And i saw your video crying fuck! i still miss your touch..... don´t cry is just now
we will meet again someday, somewhere, somehow, no matthers how
i ´ll 4ever be yours.

the swallow.

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