sábado, 20 de junio de 2009

Diario de una disconforme

Y asi continua un momento raro...

Pack of wolves behind me.
Seasons on my face.
Coming out of nowhere, heading for any place.
Wide awake with nightmares dogging at my shoes.
Walked away with everything.
Got nothing left to lose.
Howl! I'm the one.Howl!
Ungrateful child.
Howl! On the run.
Howl!Howl! Out of light.
Howl! Footprints ignite.
Howl! Into the night.
Howl!Leatherwings by moonlight.
Spiderweb at dawn.
Traps springing all around, but the prey is gone.
In a stone circle chanced upon a wraith.
He took me and she stole my seed, but didn't break my faith.
Howl! I'm the one.
Howl! Ungrateful child.
Howl! On the run.Howl!Howl!
Out of light.Howl!
Footprints ignite.Howl!
Into the night.Howl!
No well now holds anything but dust for me.
The darkness helps me to see.
Stars have all the coldest stares.
I will waste no breath on prayers.


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