jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

Here comes the rainy days

No exit, i´m trap in a spiderweb
I see life goes by
and my feets stuck in concrete

Feeling numb, walking like a zombie
working in automatic mode
taking pill after pill

whitout having the straigth to call you for my stuff
is just that i don't want to see you
i´m sure you smell different
somehow you live
somehow i died

waiting for the rain
i want rainy days
when the sky turns grey and the ancients gods start to roar

A days a go i felt confortable in one place
but i know is just another twist of faith
it was a sad joke pretend that he call me back

I'm just so fuck up
now walking the same streets that one walked togheter
it makes me feel even more alone
i know i'm not alone
but i need something more
i always wants more

I´m a predator thats way i have canines
i have a new puppy
she's not pretty
but she is lovely
cover with dirt, flyes, scars
she almost look like my self

In the nigths she cries
and there's no way to confort her

deep inside i know
she feels insecure and lonely
maybe scared to be abandoned again

so i whisper in her hear,
babe, i not going to leave you is a promess
and hell knows that i never break a promess

and then like magic she look at me
and give a me a kiss

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