lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2009

Just a look

Behind the window,
while i'm waiting
the leafs are shimmering

Crossing the street
people are sick, dying, or looking for a hope
or another form of redemption

I'm in the middle
between the sunrise and the sunset
heading no where
or heading forward

Looking life pass trought
this glass
my soul is dissapearing
she just want to fade away
is fading like the cigarette
that i desperate hold in mi fingers.

I borrow this pen from the waitress
I had the urgency to write
or cut, no knife nearby... so let's write
Will i return this pen?
I need one, and i can´t buy it
I don´t know maybe i will or perhaps not
I have only $6 in my wallet
I never been so poor and i never felt so lost
like today

The sound of the ambulance
the gasp, the screamings
the yearning death is coming

Counting the pills that i took today
thinking of they where too many or too few
I ask my self..what day is today?
my head is singing a lullabay she doesn´t care
it took a long time before she gives an answer
It matters what day is today?
I put my head between my hands and shake it
my hands are so cold lately...
Another burn in my arm
another mark
I used to be a lepard
whit some spots
now i´m panther

My arms, my legs cover with scars
finaly i´m showing what i´m carring dept inside

i just keep on waiting
the hours are so long
and my anxiety goes increcendo

I have to scape from here
i have to run again
cos the memories are hiding here and ther
i have on my back a heavy load

Sudenly i hear the giglings laugh from another table
turn my head following the bottering noise
i put my bulldog face
they shut it up

I´m not in the mood
is just another day
like yesterday, like tomorrow
another day
waiting a come back
that i know will never happen
I never loose my hope

Here comes the person that i was waiting for
It was´t you
is just a frien looking for hope in the wrong place

I put a sad smile
and i hear her pain
I've nothing to say
my lips are moving
but i don´t control what comes out

I leave the table
I leave a lot of things behind
I try to left you behind
but when i come "home"
I wait for your whistle
and your hugs

When i'm going to stop this endless wait?

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